Curious about ethical non-monogamy (enm)?

Whether you are new to enm, experienced, or just curious, the wide world of open relating can be just as rewarding as it may be intimidating. Most of us have been raised in, and primarily exposed to, monogamy, or serial monogamy, as the most ideal option for relationships. This may be true for some and may not be an option for others due to lifestyle choice or due to authentic expression. My only agenda with any of my clients is to help them see what options they truly have in their relationship/s or potential relationships and help them feel good about their choices. This perseptive allows us to have equal value around consent, freedom and connection.

Open relating is inherently more complex for most of us and with that added complexity we may need some support. If you are exploring this as solo-poly, as a couple, or triad +, taking the time to build those essential communication skills will help to build sustainable ways of relating so that you can keep showing up as your genuine self. Exploring the nuances of clear consent, dropping assumptions-based relating, and moving towards more pleasure orientation all require skills that can be learned and apply to enm, monogamy and collectives.

stock photo credit cottonbro