What are Somatic Therapies & are they Appropriate for Everyone?

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In the vastly changing paradigm of today’s world, the field of psychology is keeping apace thanks to the integration of somatic therapies. The pivotal work of psychologist and trauma expert Peter Levine, though begun nearly fifty years ago, is finally gaining a foothold and is helping to update the standards of Western psychology. Levine’s work … Read more

Reflections on Esther Perel at CIIS

As I counted the days to ‘A Workshop on Modern Relationships’ with Esther Perel I had flashbacks to my introduction to the world famous psychologist. I remember I was house-sitting and therefore had access to a television where I would binge watch anything striking my fancy. On came The Colbert Report with Perel as the guest focusing … Read more

Asking to be Met

chloe henning line drawing of woman

Art by Chloe Henning. Please contact hierochloe7@gmail.com for purchase inquiries. Continuing on this thread of needs and desires (from now on I will use these two terms interchangeably), we acknowledge that in order to have good sex ad relationships one must be able to ask for their needs to be met. This will be much … Read more


Thanks for joining me! A good place to start when exploring feelings around sharing intimate partners… There are a lot of resources out there on the topic of non-monogamy or polyamory. Out of the books I have read, the one I recommend to start off with is ‘Opening Up: A Guide to Creating and Sustaining … Read more