Integrated Pleasure

 A 30 day program for 14 folxs who are inspired to build a life founded in pleasure. Click on the link to learn more and to register. Please click on the link to learn more about this upcoming program and for registration. The program begins in October and registration ends the last week of September. The herbal somatics … Read more

Psychedelic Earth Care Online Integration Gathering

A monthly Online Meet up group for Any Body An integration support space for those working at, or curious about, the intersection of psychedelic experiences and capacity for earth care. This event is no longer current. Please reach out to Annie for inquiries around psychedelics and Earth care integration. A witnessing and emotional focused space … Read more

So, You Want to Know About Psychedelics?

A monthly online drop-in group informational meet up – for those who are supporting a friend, partner or family member in their explorations, or for those who are curious for themselves about the world of psychedelia. Are you or a loved one interested in the world of psychedelics or altered-states of consciousness? This space … Read more

Professionals Supervision Group on Sex and Psychedelics

Contemplating Sex & Psychedelics: Peer Group Supervision for Professionals at the Intersection of Sex & Psychedelics If you would like to be added to our list to be notified about our next meet up date and time – please email Lorina and I at . Our intention Receive inspiration, witnessing and support from fellow … Read more

Integrating Psychedelic Integration 

Psychedelics, White Saviorism and Compulsive Capitalism  The world of psychedelics is becoming more and more known to the wider, domesticated, culture. Articles on the subject have been popping up in publications like ‘Men’s Health’ and ‘The New Yorker’ for years now. While for some people this topic remains tainted with the energy of fear and … Read more

In – Person Workshop & Fundraiser, Santa Cruz, CA

Link Below connects you directly to the fundraiser page. The fundraiser is for the Amah Mutsun Land Trust and the money will support housing for the indigenous groups of the Monterey Bay area. This workshop is intended to support us as individuals and as a community build and share tools for resilience and empathy. … Read more

Is Cancel Culture Good for Society?

Respecting the Reality of Rage in the Deconstruction of Binary Thinking  These days if you do not know a friend or celebrity who has been canceled, or called out, then I’d probably commend you for your lifestyle choices. Social media has amplified the impacts and conversation around cancel culture. This social phenomenon occurs outside of … Read more

Reflections on Esther Perel at CIIS

As I counted the days to ‘A Workshop on Modern Relationships’ with Esther Perel I had flashbacks to my introduction to the world famous psychologist. I remember I was house-sitting and therefore had access to a television where I would binge watch anything striking my fancy. On came The Colbert Report with Perel as the guest focusing … Read more