How can relationship coaching help you?

Working with a relationship coach can help you expand your self awareness, confidence, and ability to be intimate. We do this by practicing experiential communication skills together in session via mind-body connection therapies.

You deserve to have choice, joy & fulfillment within your closest relationships. I am here to support this journey back to your authentic true nature.

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Annie Boheler - Certified Somatica® Practitioner, Sex & Intimacy Coach, SEP

How does trauma impact relationship?

Curious about ethical non-monogamy?

“Annie has a humbly masterful way of creating and holding space where vulnerable truths can be shared free of shame. I really appreciate how bravely she shares her most vulnerable feelings so that we can feel safe doing the same. Annie’s energy helps me in accepting myself”. ~SN

Relationships are at the core our well-being. 

Our own sensual and sexual well-being impacts our ability to connect with others, and visa versa. This connection impacts our most intimate of relations & it can have a ripple effect on how we show up in our larger communities of families, friends and co-workers.

Many of us were not explicitly taught how to communicate our emotions, celebrate embodiment or how to resolve conflict well.

These skills are learnable in a therapy setting where you can receive direct and gentle feedback. Relationship coaching can help you build lasting empathy & confidence.

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The intimacy you crave is alive within you.

Like a forest garden, sleeping in the winter, the seeds of pleasure and excitement are present in your body.  We want to wake them up slowly, intentionally and be human together.

Are you open to the possibility of being celebrated as you are, right now, not 'some day', down the road?

I am!

We will guide the body & mind toward natural healing to experience the joy and satisfaction of great sex and authentic relationships. 

Initial consultations are free, schedule online.

I'm Annie Boheler, proprietress of Lovage Somatics, and I work with individuals, couples, monogamous and openly-organized folx of all genders to embody greater resilience, self-knowing and confidence in sexual expression and relationships.

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