About Annie Boheler

I am passionate about intimacy as that is where much of my fulfillment comes from. My personal healing journey has allowed me to orient more and more around pleasure. I am inspired to share these lessons with others as we co-create a culture founded in love.

I began my studies with the Somatica Institute in 2017 and felt a profound relief in feeling deeply accepted. I began my coaching practice then and maintain a commitment to continued education, personal therapy and anti-oppression work. I am white, cis-gendered, bi-sexual and practice ethical non-monogamy. I have a hidden disability of a spinal mutation; my personal traumas I survive include spinal fractures, sexual assault, & domestic violence as an adult.

I find inspiration in the beautiful ways that nature exemplifies interconnectivity and cooperation. My background includes equine therapy, permaculture, dance, and bodywork. I draw much of my personal inspiration around collectivism from community living experiences & plant medicines.

I grew up with horses and through these experiences I learned early on about empathy for trauma survivors and how to tune in to the subtle of often silent communications between beings. I have since been integrating my work with silence meditation, yoga, movement, and Hakomi therapy.

annie boheler sex coach

The inspiration for the name “lovage somatics” comes from my appreciation of the body and earth connection. The lovage plant is a symbol of health, a hardy perennial that has many edible and medicinal properties. It is enjoyed by gardeners for its tall and nectar-rich flowers that attract beneficial pollinators. ... and it has LOVE in the name!

Lovage Flowers

"Annie has this way of space holding and communicating that eases my nervous system. There is a level of deep unconditional presence that I feel has provided a safe relating container for me to experience a more authentic self, more aware of my core desires, and my power to create relationships structures that feels good." -ET

Who Are My Clients

My clients are those who are ready for a change. If that change is still an unknown, or perhaps intimidating, we work through that uncertainty together. I work with those who are ready to step into their most authentic self.

We have all been impacted by shame to some degree within the realm of intimacy; this impact can have a 'freezing' effect on our ability to connect. I support those who want to define their version of connection and freedom within relationships.

It is such a varying journey we all get to be on in discovering our unique selves in this fast-paced climactic period of time.

I enjoy doing this collaborative work with individuals, couples, triads and collectives in order to support us all in our personal fulfillment and interconnectedness.

Common Challenges 

  • communication, desire discrepancies, lack of libido or intimacy, anxiety and depression, erectile or ejaculation control, pain during sex, resentment, broken agreements or affairs, jealousy, cultural differences, inhibitions

Common Goals

  • self empowerment, communication skills, gender or sexual identity shifts, ability to be vulnerable, authentic expression, emotional attachment awareness, liberated sexual exploration, healthy boundaries, herbal or psychedelic integration support, repairing relational ruptures, more pleasure, confidence, greater empathy


Principles within my Practice -

*Strengths focused - Mind-body connection and non-diagnostic

*Culturally responsive - our challenges and goals are interconnected with our culture, larger society and the environment.

*Sex positive - with consent and nurturance, our turn-ons and turn-offs deserve to be free to explore

*Trauma informed - our past experiences influence us and we can heal by learning to come into deep presence

We are living in a time where the impacts of the climate emergency are unavoidable. Drawing from the teachings of social and environmental permaculture design, Starhawk’s Earth Activist Trainings, and environmental biology, I can help co-create with you the internal space around how you can holistically respond to the rapidly changing external environment. Disconnect from nature is something that most of us have been taught and we can learn to reconnect. Your passion is needed in these times! We can shift eco-anxiety to responsiveness all the while avoiding burnout or overwhelm.


*Human Sexuality Intensive, Kinsey Institute Summer 2022
• Somatica® Institute Certification (core training -2017, core training faculty assistant- 2018, '19)
• SEP - Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Somatic Experiencing International® 2022
*Somatica® Institute Couples Training 2019
• Somatica® Institute Advanced training (character strategies) 2019
* Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) - Starhawk & Earth Activist Training, 2020, Online faculty assistant 2021
*Psychedelics Today's Vital certificate training in the elements of psychedelic therapy and integration, current / incomplete, 2022 - 12 month comprehensive program
• B.S. Environmental Science and Biology, focus on education CSUMB, 2012
Training and Experience
*Relational Privilege and Systemic Trauma with Akilah Riley-Richardson (via Therapy Wisdom) - 5 hrs
*Advanced Strategies for Healing Sexual Trauma with Ariel Giarretto - 14 hrs
* Asana & Beyond: Extended Fall Intensive for Established Practitioners - Dr. Juko Holiday & Ease Mountain Yoga School - 14 hrs
* African American Multigenerational Trauma & Implementing Models of Change - Joy Degruy - 19 hrs
*Licensed health care provider, enhanced foster youth professional parent for transitional housing, Seneca Family of Agencies, San Jose, CA - registered medical provider / counselor
* Social Permaculture Intensive: Empowering Collaborative Groups with Starhawk, Pandora Thomas, and Earth Activist Training, student and faculty assistant
* Yoga For Mental Health Practitioners, 100 hr - Dr. Juko Holiday & Ease Mountain Yoga School
*Embodied Anti-Racism with Francesca Maximé (via Therapy Wisdom) - 5 hrs
2019 . . .
• Sexual Trauma & Healing training with Diane Poole Heller and Peter Levine
• Herbalist and regenerative farmer, Blossom’s Biodynamic Farm, 2014 to 2019
• Therapeutic dance studies – Anne Halprin, The Tamalpa Institute summer intensive ’16
• Acupressure foundations with The McKinnon Body Therapy Center, & bodywork studies with The Breema Center (Oakland, CA)
* Social worker aide with New Families, Inc. (Felton, CA) 2014 - '15

"Annie creates a safe, welcoming and fun space to explore these themes and what they represent for the individual and culture as a whole" ~JM

"When working with Annie the objective perspective that she offers allows me to re-frame my thoughts in a way that provides me with a more holistic approach to my life, and my spirit. I trust Annie, and I know that her practice contributes positivity to the lives of those that she works with."  ~KD