Frequently Asked Questions

*All sessions are being conducted online or via phone until further notice.

*Please initiate a conversation with me if finances are a challenge for you, I would love to talk about the possibilities for sliding scale options.

How does your free starter consultation work?

I offer a free 20 to 30 minute introductory phone call for anyone considering this work. If you know what your goals or challenges are, we can have a conversation to see if we might be a good match. If you are not sure where to start, we can see if we can gain clarity around possible goals during this call. If you are a couple, we can set up a call for all three of us to chat, set up a zoom call if you are in different locations, or I can offer two separate 20 minute phone calls with each of you if that is preferred. If you are wanting support as a triad or group, I am available for a single call.

What is Sex & Relationship Coaching and How Does it Differ From Therapy?

As a sex and intimacy coach I work with clients around creating a sense of comfort and safety so that they can learn the physical, sensorial, and emotional tools for cultivating intimacy. One of the main differences between traditional western therapy and sex coaching is that therapists often base their practices off of a diagnostic and analytical perspective. Relationship coaching is not founded in diagnosis, but rather a ‘bottom up’ therapy approach. This means we are focusing more on strengths and building internal acceptance as a foundation for change. Sex coaching can also include ‘relational therapy practices’ which refers to a two-way human interaction, verbal and energetic, that is often out not allowed in therapists’ offices. *relational therapy practices will only be considered if it is appropriate for the client’s goals and within their boundaries, this may not be an option if we are focusing on the acute trauma reprocessing via the Somatic Experiencing modality. For more information on the foundations of my practice please use the following links - Somatica- & Somatic Experiencing -

What Should I Expect In These Coaching Sessions? One of the reasons the Somatica method works so efficiently is because it is as close to mimicking how relationships operate in the ‘real’ world as possible; in others words, it is founded in 'relational therapy' techniques. The method is clothes-on and is also celebratory of being turned-on. Emotional and physical boundaries are discussed further in relation to a client’s preferences and goals. All sessions are currently online.

How Many Sessions Do You Recommend? There is no recommendation for the amount of sessions due to the unique nature of each individual and their specific goals. I do recommend that new clients book weekly or bi-weekly to support the relationship establishment and to gain momentum towards their goals (frequency for sessions can always be re-considered). There is no obligation to continue sessions with me once you have begun.

Can I record the session? If you would like the sessions recorded for your reference, that can be arranged. I request on-record consent by all parties for the recording and agreement around the intention for private use only.

What is Your Cancellation Policy? I request that you inform me at least 24 hours in advance for any cancellations.

"Annie’s Core Erotic Theme class helped me to discover and examine what makes me feel erotically fulfilled. The discovery of my own theme helped me to release shame around one of my most exciting and pleasurable experiences. The class also helped me to feel comfortable expressing & communicating my sexual identity around others, and provided me with an opportunity to discover how diverse people’s desires really are." ~workshop participant