More About Somatics and Psychedelic Support  Services


For sessions, I pull from several therapy modalities unless there is specific work, or a goal, that requires focus from one modality over the other. If psychedelic support is requested, we will work together to support your goals. I work will clients and other professionals around expanding our capacity for healing and holding space from a non-diagnostics perspective and with relational tools.

About the Somatica® Method

This modality is founded in positive psychology, relational psychotherapy, feminism, sexual liberation and experiential awareness. We are aiming to build upon the strengths that already exist in one's life in order to increase pleasure orientation and decrease shame. We practice energetic, verbal or physical embodiment tools around, vulnerability, consent culture, and erotic freedom. We engage in exercises where we approach any challenge or 'stuck-ness' with gentle curiosity.

About Somatic® Experiencing (SE)

Nervous system regulation relates to every person and unfortunately all of us have experienced some level of dis-regulation, and or shame, around our sexuality & relationships whether that be chronic, cultural or acute situations. SE offers a wide structure for reprocessing this nervous system dis-regulation, which can also be called trauma. The SE modality of therapy allows the wisdom of our body to lead the unfolding of our self discovery and healing.

About Psychedelic Support Services

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Psychedelic preparation and integration is a process of working intentionally with an an altered state of consciousness experience which I'll refer to sometimes as a 'journey'. I also offer in-person services as a 'sitter' for those who are exploring psychedelic experiences. When we take time to intentionally prepare & integrate an experience, we can soften the contrast between the psychedelic spaces and day to day life. Preparation supports our intentionality in exploring these healing tools. Integration supports the likelihood of expanded health and stability after an experience. Please reach out for inquires around journey packages as a healthcare provider or recipient. I am available to travel as well with travel expenses being an additional fee.

As psychedelics are becoming more and more available to the public, you may have curiosity to explore these natural medicines. This service is appropriate if you yourself are exploring altered states of consciousness, you have a friend or family member you would like to be able to support, or if you are a wellness professional or therapist who could use consultation support for your clients. I have over a 13 years of experience with psychedelia and am a first cohort graduate of the Vital facilitators training through Psychedelics Today. I do not condone any illegal activity and during preparation calls we will talk explicitly about any risks (legal, health or medically-wise) clients may be taking and how we can reduce any chances of harm. I do not sell or distribute substances to my clients or otherwise and advise any person to consult their informed medical provider for any possible health contraindications. My services are all founded in harm reduction and healing our innate capacity for love.

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About the Coaching Services 

Confidentiality: All information disclosed within sessions is held confidential by me, Annie Boheler, and is not given to anyone outside of the context of clinical consultation without your permission.

FREE intake call, 25 min – Schedule a phone call to clarify goals, see if we’re a good match and I can answer any questions you have. I will share more about logistics during this conversation.

Singles Session Private coaching finely tuned to your idea of relationship and professional success. Personal sex, intimacy & relationship coaching, Somatic Experiencing and / or Psychedelic work.

.Couples Session I work with couples around a myriad of intimacy topics from lack of intimacy, verbal communication skill building, to facilitating trauma awareness. Disconnect can emerge from desire or libido discrepancies to differing cultural backgrounds or trust issues; We can work together to help you both see what your options are around moving forward with care.

Collective - Whether you need support within a polycule, a platonic group or organization, a neutral third party can help. Many hands make light work and I would be honored to support your collaborative efforts. I draw my experiences from studying under Starhawk, the social permaculture principles and over a decade of direct community work and living.

nervous system reaching equilibrium: Gymkhana Pattern
nervous system reaching equilibrium: Gymkhana Pattern

“I have little doubt that as individuals, families, communities, and even nations, we have the capacity to learn how to heal and prevent much of the damage done by trauma. In so doing, we will significantly increase our ability to achieve both our individual and collective dreams.” ― Peter A. Levine, Healing Trauma: A Pioneering Program for Restoring the Wisdom of Your Body